Enjoyable and Effective Learning

 Learning must be enjoyable!

If something is enjoyable, you will want to put time into it and stick with it. You will be more focused because you like what you are doing. You will want to come back to it day after day because you like it. It will become a regular part of your life. If learning is not enjoyable, it becomes a burden that you force yourself to do.

Learning must be effective!

If your learning is effective, you will make progress. You will make regular progress. You will see skills develop. You will see results for the time and effort you put in. If learning is not effective, you will see little return on your time and effort.

When learning is both enjoyable and effective, it can become prolific learning!

When our learning efforts become both enjoyable and effective, we have laid the foundations for prolific learning. We will enjoy what we are doing and want to do more of it. We will make more progress in what we are doing. These two things build on each other. Prolific learning is sustainable because it is satisfying, fun, and we see progress. Over time, if this becomes a habit, we can become lifelong prolific learners. We can consistently be adding new skills and capabilities to our lives. Things that we never thought we could learn to do can become possible for us.

There are some basic principles which make learning enjoyable and effective.

There are a handful of principles of learning that you need to know. When you apply these principles, your learning will become more enjoyable and effective. Sadly, most of us have done the exact opposite of these principles throughout our lives. I’m calling them the anti-principles of learning. When we use good principles, our learning becomes enjoyable and effective. When we use the anti-principles, our learning becomes laborious, frustrating, and limited. The material on this web site is meant to be an introduction to good learning principles (as well as pointing out the problems of the anti-principles).