What Is Lifelong Prolific Learning?

What is Lifelong Prolific Learning?

Prolific learning is about taking pride in what we learn. It is about being able to achieve whatever quantity and quality of learning we would like. It is about being able to enjoyably and effectively convert our time and effort into real results. It is about bettering our lives in ways we didn’t think possible. It is about learning to enjoy playing a few musical instruments, to actually enjoy using a few foreign languages, to enjoy learning new art skills, to easily learn to use a few new computer programs, or to learn to actually do things that you’ve perhaps dreamed about but never tried. It is about turning this type of learning into a lifelong habit of enrichment and self-improvement.

 Enjoyable and effective learning allows us to convert our time and effort into results that we can be proud of and that enrich our lives. Few of us know how to learn effectively and enjoyably. We instead often force ourselves to toil diligently under the hope that eventually our discipline and hard work will pay off. Enjoyable and effective learning is about using the right principles to choose methods and direct our efforts. It is about enjoying the journey of learning and seeing our skills start to bloom like a garden. It can be a pleasurable and rewarding process if done in the right way. As we become used to doing this, we become prolific learners. We gain confidence and the capability to try learning things many people would not attempt. We gain the capability to make solid progress in things we want to learn.

This is NOT an “amazing results for little effort” scheme that is long on promise and short on delivery. This is about taking the time and effort you put in and getting more out from it. The reality is that some things take time and effort. No one ever acquired many language skills in one week. No one became a great lead guitarist in two weeks. No one became a good artist in a few days. However, many people have spent hundreds of hours in various classes and studying various things and have little to show for it. Prolific learning is about learning how to take your time and effort and make progress that you can take pride in.